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Why Buy from Us? Cost Savings In   addition   to   making   every   effort   to   keep   our   everyday   prices   low,   Canadians   can   shop   secure   in   the   knowledge   that   the   price   they   see   will   be   the   price they   pay.   While   the   relative   value   of   the   Canadian   dollar   compared   to   that   of   the   USA   can   cause   some   of   our   US   competitor’s   pricing   to   initially   appear enticing,   the   exchange   rate,   duties   levied   at   the   border,   customs   brokerage   charges,   bank   fees   (banks   charge,   on   average,   about   4%   for   currency conversion), international shipping and the associated taxes for each service quickly add up. Quality Products We   have   partnered   with   manufacturers   and   distributors   of   the   finest,   professional   quality,   archival,   paper   and   science   products;   including,   among others, University Products , Heinz Jordan & Company Ltd., Rite in the Rain  and The Original Bug Shirt Company. Our   botanical   plant   presses,   which   we   manufacture   ourselves,   are   made   from   ¾”   wide   (1.9   cm)   x   ⅜”   (0.95   cm)   strips   of   kiln-dried   oak   and   fastened   at every join. Our professional quality plant presses are available in kit or non-kit form in two sizes: 12” x 18” and 12” x 9”. The   characteristics   of   each   of   our   specialty   paper   products   (for   example,   thickness   and   archival   qualities)   are   described   in   detail   in   the   respective product descriptions but, if you would like to inspect them for yourself, we would be happy to send samples. We Listen If   there   is   something   that   you   require   that   we   do   not   currently   offer   in   our   store,   please   let   us   know.   We   have   an   established   network   of   archival,   science and paper suppliers so chances are good that we can get what you need.