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We    respect    your    privacy    and    concern    for the security of your personal information. While   we   require   certain   information   such as    your    name,    shipping    address,    billing address,     telephone     number     and     email address   to   process   your   order(s),   please   be assured that it is encrypted as it is collected. We   will   not   sell   or   rent   out   your   personal information;   however,   all   or   a   portion   of   the information     that     you     provide     may     be encrypted    and    shared    electronically    with one    or    more    of    our    partners    in    order    to process   your   order   (for   example,   to   arrange for shipping). We      do      not      store      your      credit      card information. You     may     always     opt     out     of     receiving communications   from   us   (other   than   those directly     pertaining     to     orders     you     have placed) by contacting us.

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