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New Product Suggestions

Now, in addition to our handcrafted plant presses, we offer an ever-increasing selection of quality products chosen specifically to meet the needs of professional botanists. We are a growing company, so you may very well require something that we do not yet carry. If that is the case, please contact us. We have an extensive network of suppliers and chances are good that we can get what you need. Meanwhile, if there is anything that you think we should carry in our store on a regular basis, please let us know! Your suggestions go a long way to helping us create the store that serves you best.

Botanical Supplies is a registered trade name of A.H.B.I. Associates Inc., a family-owned and operated business based in Ontario, Canada. Our interest in plants is longstanding and has involved collecting plants from all areas of Canada, gardening and the identification of ancient plant remains found on archaeological sites.

Many years ago, our plant presses were made purely for personal use. It wasn’t long, however, before friends and colleagues began asking to “borrow” one or two to accompany them on their explorations of Canada and its flora. Variously stowed in canoes, crammed into bushplanes and cars, our presses have journeyed north to the Canadian Arctic, to each of the coasts, to the prairies; in fact, to every region of Canada! A better job of field-testing our presses could not have been asked of the scientists, students and craftspeople who took them on these expeditions.